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Features in Yalla Kora

For those of you who are already curious about what features are in this application. Take it easy, in this section we will explain it to you all.

When you watch a football match, it will definitely add to the excitement if you add interesting features, of course.

Now, in Yalla Kora, the developer provides several features to its users. It aims to provide an extraordinary experience when using this application.

So it’s not just watching football matches but there are other features that add to the excitement. So we guarantee that if you use this application you will feel satisfied.

Then we will immediately give you all about the existing features. The following describes some of its features.

1. HD Image Quality

When you watch your favorite football match, of course you don’t want good quality. So you can watch it comfortably right.

Now on Yalla Kora you can enjoy soccer matches with clear images. So that when you watch it will feel comfortable in the eyes.

The atmosphere while watching will be even more exciting if the picture is clear. Compared you have to watch with a blurry picture.

2. Watching Without Ads

Another feature provided by this application is the absence of advertisements. Surely you often find streaming services but lots of annoying ads.

And with the many advertisements that exist, it is certain that it will disturb you when you watch it. But don’t worry, in Yalla Kora, you won’t find any ads.

So when you watch your favorite football match. You will not be disturbed by the adverts that appear.

3. Livescore feature on Yalla Kora

In this application there are also features that really help you. Namely the livescore feature regarding the soccer match that is currently playing.

With this live score feature you can find out the latest information about the match. So you won’t be left behind with information about the match.

So if you are in a condition you can’t watch live. With this feature you can still find out about the course of the match.

So you know what the temporary score is, who scored the goal and even who committed the violation in the match.

4. Night Mode feature

Yalla Kora also provides features that make your eyes comfortable. Where is the night mode feature that you can activate.

With this feature you can activate it so that your eyes are more comfortable looking at this application. Because there are some people who can’t stand the glare of the cellphone light.

Given that many foreign football matches are played at night until the morning. Of course it’s in the dark.

So when you use this application, we guarantee that your eyes will feel comfortable. You only need to replace this feature that is available in the application.

5. Available World League

In this application, there are not only a few leagues available. But lots of matches from other major world leagues are also available.

So you can choose which football league you want to watch. And you won’t feel bored because of the various leagues that exist.

World leagues in Yalla Kora, such as the English league, French league, Spanish league, Dutch league, Italian league, even the Champions League and European league are also available.

6. Provide Backup Channels

This application provides a channel backup feature where we can have a backup channel. So if the channel you are using has an error, you can use this backup channel.

Because there are many channels that sometimes get errors when you want to use them. So many people lower their intention to watch when the channel has an error.

But at Yalla Kora, the developer provides all of you in the form of channel backups. So you can choose from the existing backup channels until you can.

So you won’t miss a match because of a channel error. By providing many backup channels that you can use.

7. Can Adjust Match Order

In this application, you will see the order of the matches according to the default of the application. You can change the sort of match based on your wishes.

Like you want the match sort to be changed to your favorite team at the very top. Or if you want to watch all the teams competing, just sort them according to time.

Or you can also adjust it based on the score they get. And many others that you can set as you wish.

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