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The following is a review of the myriad U Dictionary Mod Apk features that you can enjoy to help you learn a foreign language.

1. Connected to Other Applications

If you download this application you can activate the magic translation ball feature. What is the function of this magical ball?

This function in U Dictionary Mod Apk allows you to immediately translate words that you don’t understand when you open other applications.

For example, when you are chatting with someone, then you find a word you don’t understand. Just click on the magic translation ball and type in the word you want to know.

Immediately U Dictionary Mod Apk does the translation. What’s more, you can use this feature when you are using any other application, this feature will still be on.

2. Translate in various languages

This application does not only provide translations in English, but there are 108 languages that you can learn and explore in this application.

So you don’t need to worry, if you are learning French you can still use the U Dictionary application for the various languages you want to learn.

3. Can Translate from Photos and Pictures

If you get an assignment or paper that you don’t understand, all you have to do is take a photo of the assignment and translate it right away.

Because U Dictionary Mod Apk has technology that can allow you to translate directly from the text image that you have taken without changing it in the text first.

When you have an assignment and want to translate it right away, you really have to download and use this application to make doing your assignment easier.

4. Can Translate Your Conversation Immediately

In this application you can use the voice recognition technology that this application has. Where he can immediately translate every sound that is heard.

So you only need to activate voice recognition in this U Dictionary Mod Apk to translate your conversations.

Very easy and efficient to use. Therefore you have to download this application as soon as possible so that your learning activities become easier.

Immediately download U Dictionary Mod Apk to make your foreign language learning activities easier. And you can enjoy various interesting features in this application.

5. Can Learn Grammar Too

In this application learning grammar will be easier. There is grammar corrector technology that can help you improve the grammar of the sentences you make.

This feature in U Dictionary Mod Apk will make it easier for you to write in English. Because your grammar will be guaranteed its accuracy.

You no longer need to be afraid of being wrong when writing in a foreign language, you only need to use this grammar corrector.

6. Can Still Translate Even though Offline

If you run out of quota and still want to learn a foreign language, you must have this application on your smartphone right now.

Because U Dictionary Mod Apk can still be used even if you are offline. You can still translate into various languages easily and quickly.

So don’t worry, you have to always be online to be able to learn foreign languages in this application. Because even in an offline state, you can still learn and enjoy all the translations.

7. Learn a new word on the lockscreen every day

With U Dictionary Mod Apk you will get a new word every day through a notification that will appear on your lockscreen.

You will be rich with new words every day, which will certainly make it easier for you to learn languages every day.

If you want to get new word notifications every day too, then immediately download the U Dictionary Mod Apk, which we will share in the article, this edition of the recommended edition of educational applications.

8. Can Learn Pronunciation With Various Styles

When you search for or try to translate a word, besides you can get an explanation of the meaning of the word you can also hear how it is pronounced.

U Dictionary Mod Apk will give you the correct way of pronouncing both British style and American style. So it is guaranteed that you will not be wrong in pronouncing every word.

9. Can Learn Through Fun Videos

In this application you will also learn various foreign language materials in a very enjoyable way with the learning video features provided.

You can watch it repeatedly in the U Dictionary Mod Apk application and study it in depth.

Various materials in the form of videos will be distributed. In addition, the videos that are shared are very educative, light, and fun.

Through U Dictionary Mod Apk you will feel the excitement of learning new languages in a light, easy, simple, and also fun way.

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1. Tap the downloaded U Dictionary Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.