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Temple Run is a running challenge game where you have to earn lots of points and avoid challenges. The player controls the player character with a behind-the-back perspective. You can move your character right and left to move your character to either side. Get more coins and avoid existing challenges.

There are many challenges that you will face along the way. You can find many interesting places, but they are full of traps. There are crossroads that allow you to choose a different path, but if the player falls, then the game is declared lost.

Features and Highlights
Temple Run lets you feel the sensation of running fast to collect existing coins. There are three types of coins that you will find along the way. Red, gold and blue coins. Each coin has a different value. However, along the way you will find potholes, broken roads, turns, and more. Make sure you can avoid those obstacles so you can play to the next level.

There are many characters that you can play. However, you have to collect lots of coins to unlock and use new characters. Besides that, you can also increase your strength if you have enough coins. There are various features that you can use while playing Temple Run, including:

Easy Control
You only need to swipe and tilt your smartphone to play this game. You can move your character right, left, run and jump to earn coins or avoid challenges.

There are 7 characters that you can play in this game. However, not all characters you can play. You need to buy characters with the coins you have. For that, make sure you have lots of coins so you can use new characters.

You can play this one game with friends. There is a leaderboard that can show your ranking while playing online with your opponent. You can also see the achievements you got while playing Temple Run.

3D graphics
Uniquely, you will see all the characters feel real. You seem to be on the streets full of challenges so the game feels very fun and tense.

Download Temple Run MOD APK (Latest 2022)
The game Temple Run tells the story of someone who has stolen cursed idols from the temple so you have to run to escape the Demon Monkeys who will bite you. Use your strength to run and avoid existing challenges.

You will explore a mystical ancient temple, with various challenges. Starting from potholes, winding roads, and steep cliffs. You can move right, left to avoid broken roads. You can also jump if you find a broken path. Download the latest and free Temple Run MOD APK for your Android phone via the link below: