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Surely you still have time to think about what this application has to offer besides cloning the many applications.

Even though you actually know that the main function of clone applications is to duplicate many applications.

Therefore, it’s better to know more about what are the superior features in Super Clone Mod Apk.

So that later when you decide to use this application, you can enjoy all the benefits provided to the fullest.

Because these features will help you and offer various benefits during your time using this application.

Of course, of all the features provided by the Super Clone Mod Apk, it has its own functions and advantages to make it easier for its users.

Immediately, following is some complete information about the features provided in the Super Clone Mod Apk.

1. Multiple Accounts Easily In One Device

As is most highlighted in every cloned application, namely the excellent feature that allows you to have multiple accounts.

But what can be distinguished from Super Clone Mod Apk is how easy it is to duplicate many applications on one device.

Generally, many cloned applications limit the use of cloning applications so that there are not many applications on one device.

Although there is a positive side to this, namely that it doesn’t overload your device too much because many applications are cloned.

However, with the freedom to clone many applications, especially if it is really needed, it will be much better.

Super Clone Mod Apk has also perfected the application so that with so many applications that can be cloned it will not burden your device.

According to what application you want to clone, then multiply it with Super Clone Mod Apk freely without any restrictions.

What’s even more beneficial from this feature is that you will be provided with ease and neatness in duplicating each of its applications.

So that even if you clone many applications, you will have no difficulty managing and managing all the account settings in them.

So you won’t be overwhelmed by having multiple accounts duplicated, because this app will tidy them up to make them more accessible.

With just one touch, you can immediately switch between applications without the process being too complicated to access them.

Because in Super Clone Mod Apk a feature has been provided that can remember your login history when you just cloned an application.

2. Privacy Locker

This one feature might be really needed for those of you who don’t want anyone to access the applications that you duplicate.

You will be given access that allows you to make these applications more private and secure.

Namely by using a pattern to become the lock key to open these applications so that the security level is higher.

So for those of you who don’t want anyone to get caught using multiple apps, you can lock the app so you don’t get caught.

The Super Clone Mod Apk privacy locker feature has been proven safe because it cannot be hacked or broken using anything.

The developer has ensured the highest comfort for the users so that they have perfected the application with the best features.

3. Multiple Account Games

Please note that there are rarely cloned applications that provide features that can clone game applications.

Because the copyright of the game itself is quite strict, making it difficult to get access to duplicate it and have 2 or more accounts.

Maybe if you’re looking for an application that can clone games, you won’t find it as easy as a clone app.

Meanwhile, Super Clone Mod Apk comes with features that are rarely provided by other applications so that this one application is superior.

By having 2 accounts in a game, you can also play many different roleplaying in those games.

You can also be more active in a game because you have multiple accounts and hone your character’s skills in the game.

For gamers, this one application is also suitable if you want jockeys to play games so that it allows you to be more active.

That way, you will easily feel a pleasant playing experience because of your activeness in the game you are playing.

It is also suitable for those of you who have ambitions to win lots of games but are not satisfied if you only use one account.

It is mandatory to try this application because you will be given the convenience to duplicate your favorite games!

4. Changing the Icons So It’s Not Confused

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.