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Along with the number of users using WA Mod, many developers have started to launch Mod chat applications. One of the most recent is RA WhatsApp. Although less popular than similar applications, this WA Mod cannot be underestimated.

RA WA APK certainly provides many interesting features that cannot be found in the original WA. This is what makes many WhatsApp users prefer this Mod version. Its function is also the same as the original WhatsApp.

Where this Mod application can be used to chat with the best features in it. Before using the latest WA Mod application, try to check the following article first. The goal is to be able to use the application properly.

Information About the Latest RA WhatsApp Version

RA WA is a WhatsApp-based social media application that has been modified by a third party. So it’s very natural that there are many choices of features that can’t even be found in the original version.

An Indonesian programmer named Ridwan Arifin is the third party. He has modified the original version of the WA application into this very popular WhatsApp Mod.

He has also added various interesting features to RA WhatsApp iOS so as to ensure easy access for every application user. RA itself is an abbreviation of his name, Ridwan Arifin.

Some users also refer to this app as RaWa. Even though it includes a new WA Mod, the features are also not inferior to the experienced ones. Check out the following features.

Features in RA WhatsApp Mod

Every feature embedded in RA WA will make access to chat users more fun, safe and easy. The embedded features are as follows:

1. There is a complete privacy menu

The privacy menu is one of the features that can be enjoyed in RA WA iOS APK. This feature is very helpful for users to enable more secure privacy features. Immediately activate whenever you need this feature.

In it, there are many important features for users. Among them are features to turn off the blue tick, make application users not visible online even though they are online and so on.

2. Can send multiple files at once

The next interesting feature of the latest version of RA WhatsApp Mod is that every user is free to send multiple files, videos and images in one send. As for those who use the original WhatsApp, you can’t send freely.

The reason is that there is a size limit for sending files that you want to do. For those who want and often send large files, using RA WA is the right choice.

3. Very attractive interface

This feature is suitable for WhatsApp users who are bored with the original WA display. Where the latest RA WhatsApp Mod has a myriad of interesting themes that are also simple.

RA WA is also equipped with a look like an iPhone phone. So that makes users can use the phone with a very different sensation. All the themes provided here can be used free of charge without the need to pay.

4. Already Anti Banned

As we know that mod applications are very prone to being banned. Including this WhatsApp Mod. It’s just very different if you use RA WA. The reason is that in this application there is an anti-ban feature that makes users more satisfied.

So, no need to worry when using WhatsApp Mod. Because the account will not get banned. It’s just that, it is recommended not to use this Mod application excessively.

5. There is an app lock/App Lock feature

For those who are afraid that the chat content will be seen by others, RA WhatsApp also provides an “Application Lock” feature. That way, chat security is guaranteed even if the phone is used by someone else.

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How to install RA WhatsApp Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded RA WhatsApp Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.