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As always in order to meet consumer and market demand. Game developers, including developers from third parties, always make games that contain lots of features. This feature is made for the reason that players feel comfortable.

Included in this pokemon unite game mod apk. The third party developer of this pokemon game has made such a game with lots of features all of which can be used by players. This is what distinguishes the original version of the game and the mod version of the game.

So what are the superior features in this pokemon unite mod apk? For the answer, you don’t need to wait any longer, right away, we have made a series of game features below. Just look carefully at the sequence as follows.

1. Unlimited Coins On Game

Like other MOBA games that have a purchase feature using in-game coins. Pokemon unite mod apk also has this feature. But unlike the MOBA game and the original version of the game, here you will immediately get lots of coins.

So if you play the game using this game mod. You no longer need to bother collecting coins first. You can use the coins that the developer has provided in the game directly to buy various items.

The unlimited coin feature automatically fills in your in-game finances when the game starts running. This feature will never run out at any time and you can use it right away without having to pay or top up first.

2. Unlimited Diamonds Or Aeons

In addition to currency in the form of coins. In pokemon unite mod apk there is also a very useful currency in the form of diamonds or aeons. Just like the coin money feature, here you will also have unlimited aeons currency that will not run out.

You can use this unlimited diamond or aeons feature to buy all the items in the game. Starting from buying clothes or character costumes to buying all the skins in the game, you can do it for free.

Because of this free feature, you no longer need to make in-game purchases or top pups in the game. So you won’t have to worry about your wallet getting thinner when you top up.

3. There are various types of player positions

Previously, it was mentioned a little about the number of pokemon that can be used in this game. To clarify the number of these pokemon, we will discuss one of its unique features, namely the various types of player positions.

You need to know that there are more than 20 types of Pokemon in the game. Each of these pokemon each has a different role. Where to be able to win the game you have to know the exact role and position of the map.

There are five types of positions for each pokemon. These positions include the attacker position, defender position, fast vehicle position, all-around position, and support position. Each of these positions has different gameplay.

So that’s why the Pokemon Unite mod apk game, we can guarantee, is a game that will make you addicted. Because of this feature, you won’t get bored easily and quickly, because you can try gameplay from different positions.

4. Multiple Game Modes

As in other 5 vs 5 MOBA games, in this Pokemon Unite game you can also get various game modes. But different from other MOBA games, here you will be presented with a new game mode experience.

For the game mode itself, there are currently 3 main game modes. These modes include the standard battle mode, namely 5 vs 5. Then there is the ranked game mode, namely the competitive 5 vs 5 mode to increase rankings.

Next, the last game mode is the quick battle mode, in this mode you can choose various options. Among these options you can choose to play 4 vs 4 mode or 3 vs 3 mode. You can also choose the map you want to play.

5. Detailed Image Quality and Clear Sound in Games

So that players can feel more comfortable playing experience and games. Good graphics and sound quality is of course very necessary. Therefore, third parties as developers have added this picture and sound feature.

In the game pokemon unite mod apk one of the impressive highlights that you can see is the graphics. Where in this game there are pictures of characters and pokemon which are made in detail very similar to the version like in the animated film.

Apart from that, in this game there is also a lot of music that has light and fun melodies. So that unconsciously we are also relaxed and enter into the game. When you get into battle the music will turn tense and full of excitement.

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