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What is Play It Forward Io Apk?

The name of the game is apparently taken from the name of the company that developed this game, namely Play It Forward.

The company is a company originating from the Philippines which was originally formed by a group of people with the same hobby, playing games.

Finally the group developed their talents and skills in playing games to create a company and develop a game.

Play It Forward is also known as PIF DAO which has also succeeded in creating a blockchain game called Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity is a game that allows you users to get crypto while playing this game.

Of course, this game is quite unique and interesting because there are very few games that can get crypto.

You only need to play it like taking care of pets, and many more to collect these cryptos.

Other game products produced by the Play It Forward Io Apk company are Cyball, Dragonary, Tank Wars, and many more.

All the games produced by Play It Forward Io Apk basically have the same concept/benefit of generating crypto.

Which of these cryptocurrencies can also be turned into money, so you will be playing games while making that money.

So you have a lot of free time but it’s a shame if you don’t use it to make money, then you can play the game.

Aside from being mere entertainment, playing games developed by Play It Forward Io Apk can also be beneficial with monetary gain.

You can also try all the available games so that you can collect even more money from these games by playing them all at once.

Don’t worry, because all the games developed are legal, so making money is also a legal way.

In the game there will be crypto currency, virtual money, or digital money from central banks which are of course legal.

That’s what makes many users look for the Play It Forward Io Apk game who are curious about all the benefits.

Rows of Play It Forward Io Apk Game Products That You Can Play

In the games made by Play It Forward Io Apk there are several categories that you can later play according to your convenience.

We will explain these games based on the existing categories so that you can make it easier for you when choosing them later.

There are a total of 8 categories provided in Play It Forward Io Apk, so what are these categories and games?

1. RTS Category (Real-Time Strategy)

In this category, what is most needed to win the games in it is a strategy.

As the name suggests, this game requires a fairly high strategy in order to focus on the games provided.

Because later you have to be able to think quickly to decide the distance of the attack, or the sources and points of attack.

This strategy will also help you in solving the problems and challenges that exist in the games.

Also in this category, you will be introduced to war games, which in a war definitely requires strategy, right?

So if you like games with challenging genres and require more energy/mind, then this genre is for you.

Let’s get acquainted with the games available in the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) category that you can feel the sensation of!

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game made by Play It Forward Io Apk which is quite popular among many people, including gamers.

This game is a game that allows you to have pets that you will take care of.

Not just raising it, in this game you can fight, collect, and create your own kingdom for your pets.

Even though in the game you can fight later, the available pets are also cute and very adorable, you know.

So you will feel an adorable game with these animal visuals so that you feel at home playing it continuously.

2. Cyballs

If you take a quick look at the game in this Cyball, you will feel like playing a ball game in general.

The way to win the game in it is the same as football in general, namely by scoring as many goals as possible.

You will compete and compete to beat your opponent later by trying to break into as many of your opponent’s goals as possible.

That way, you will get roleplayers from soccer players from around the world who have extraordinary skills.

The more roleplayers you get from these world soccer players, the greater your chances of winning the match.

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