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MB WA is an original WhatsApp modification application developed by a third party. Unlike the original version, MB WA comes with a variety of more complex features and functions. It is not surprising that this Mod application is very popular with every WhatsApp fan.

One of the main attractions of MB WA that makes it very popular is because it brings the appearance like on devices with the iOS operating system. If you happen to crave the latest phone from Apple but haven’t gotten it yet, this application can be an option.

In addition, MB WA also presents a variety of cool themes that can be accessed for free by users. Interestingly, in this application there is also a search bar column that can be used as an alternative search. While on the bottom side there is a status bar, settings, and camera.

Cool Features of MB WhatsApp

In general, the features carried by MB WA are actually not that different from the features of other WhatsApp Mod applications, such as OGWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and so on. However, there are some quite striking feature differences from MB WA.

So as not to be curious, below is a list of the most complete cool features of MB WA:

  • Thousands of Interesting Themes Available

In the original WhatsApp application, users can only choose two theme options. It’s a different story if you use MB WA. There are thousands of super cool and contemporary iOS themes that you can choose from. That way, WhatsApp doesn’t look boring anymore.

  • Sending Messages Without Saving Recipient’s Number

It is undeniable, that one of the most annoying things about using the original WhatsApp is that you have to save the number of the person you want to send the message to first.

However, you will not experience this when using MB WA. In other words, you are free to send messages to anyone without the hassle of saving the chat recipient’s number.

  • Disabling Forward Messages

Generally, chats sent from other WhatsApp users can be copied or forwarded to other people again. However, on MB WhatsApp you can choose the option to disable Forward Messages. That way, the message you send cannot be forwarded to other parties.

The existence of this feature is certainly very useful, especially if the message you send is private and you don’t want anyone else to know or read it.

  • Showing Deleted Messages

You got a chat from someone, but the person deleted the message before you could read it? Of course this will make you curious. If you use MB WA, then you will not experience this again because MB has a feature to display deleted chats.

  • Hiding Online Status

In the MB WA application, you are free to go online at any time without anyone knowing. It cannot be denied, that the existence of this feature is indeed a special attraction for users.

As is known, some people prefer to do various activities on messaging applications without other users knowing. In addition to the convenience factor, being online without being noticed also makes privacy more secure. Because nothing will bother you.

  • Disabling Last Seen

When you open a chat room with someone via WhatsApp, you can find out when was the last time that person was online. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then you can turn off last seen so others don’t know when you were last online.

Until now WhatsApp is still the leading messaging application in the app market . No wonder WhatsApp MB mod iOS is often glimpsed by users who want extra features from this application. For those of you who have tried the WA mod, surely you know how fun the available features are.

Of course, this feature is not found in the original WA. Luckily there is good news for WA mod users. Just like other mod applications, WA MB offers features that are no less interesting and useful. However, the strength of this app is in its user interface.

MB WhatsApp App Review

WhatsApp mod is a shortcut for users who want to enjoy more features to make communication more effective and fun. It’s no longer a strange thing if WA mod fans are quite high at this time, especially with the emergence of WA MB.

The WhatsApp MB application has been specially modified so that it has new features that were not found in the original version. Actually, the features and advantages of this application are equivalent to the popular neighboring WA mods, for example YoWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp and so on.

However, this application presents a cooler, trendy and classier appearance. MB WA carries an iOS-style user interface, so it is very suitable for use by those of you who want to look different from the usual Android WA.

Besides that, you don’t have to think about the fear of getting banned . The developer of this application regularly updates consistently to be up-to-date with the original WA. However, this application cannot be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, please download from the following link.

12 Advanced Features of WhatsApp MB Clone

Given this is a third-party application, there are various advantages to be gained. From the appearance of the interface, it is already very different from the original WhatsApp, as well as the features in it. Guaranteed, you will be more comfortable spending time in this application. Come on, get acquainted with the features!

1. Send messages to others without saving contacts

WhatsApp only allows users to send messages to other people whose contacts are saved. However, have you ever not wanted to save the number? Can it? The answer is yes! The condition is to install WA MB.

Simply by typing the destination number into the column provided, later you can send a message and start a call. Later you can directly send messages without saving the number as a contact.

2. Hide the blue tick

This feature at first glance is less tempting, considering that the original WA also has the same features. But don’t get me wrong! As is known, the feature of disabling the blue tick in WA has drawbacks. That is, you can’t see the WA status/ story viewers.

The fun of this default feature of MB WA does not bring any consequences. In other words, you can still see who the WA status viewers are, while turning off the blue check mark. That’s great, isn’t it?

3. View other people’s status anonymously

So, what if you still want to watch other people’s status secretly or without being caught? Some people still need this feature, not only you. Here there is a feature to enable Hide view status.

If the feature is active, your name will not enter the audience list. Meanwhile, you don’t need to turn off the blue tick.

4. Turn off online status

This feature is perfect for use if you’re avoiding someone or don’t want others to know about your online activities .

The original WhatsApp does not allow its users to turn off online status and there is no other way to disable the status without using the WA mod application.

It’s just that, if this feature is activated, you can’t see other people’s online status .

5. Hide media files from gallery

Afraid that someone else will open the gallery and see an image or video they shouldn’t see? Relax, this feature is guaranteed to help you. Before using it, make sure to activate this feature in the settings menu first.

Later, all WhatsApp images and videos that enter your gallery will be automatically hidden. The only way to access the media is through the WhatsApp application. To be more secure, you can apply app lock .

6. Filter incoming calls

Are you often terrorized by unknown calls? Of course this is very annoying over time. The good news is that this feature helps filter out who can contact you. So there are no more foreign numbers that can call you.

7. Send broadcast messages to 600+ contacts

The next WhatsApp MB Beta 3 feature is the ability to send messages to hundreds of contacts. This feature is especially useful if you have an online store or want to share information with multiple contacts at once.

Unmitigated, the recipient can be added more than 600 contacts. Cool again, this application is also integrated with support for settings of more than 100 languages. So, you can change the default language of the application to the desired language.

8. Send files up to hundreds of MB

Regarding file sharing , WhatsApp is a little behind compared to other messaging applications. Here users can only send files within a certain size limit, not even hundreds of MB. Of course this is a bottleneck for some users.

This WhatsApp MB Android feature can increase file sharing capabilities up to hundreds of MB! In addition, the resolution of photos and videos is guaranteed not to be broken.

9. Hide the sender’s name and the date the message was sent

If you are a person who really cares about privacy, make sure you don’t forget to activate this feature when downloading the application. In the original WhatsApp, if you copy a message, the name and date of sending the message will also be copied.

With this feature, you can copy conversations without worrying about the name and date sent along. Automatically the sender of the message can be disguised.

10. Read pulled messages

The sender withdraws the message due to several factors. However, seeing a message withdrawn often doesn’t stem your curiosity, right? Curiosity about what is contained in the message always makes people wonder.

You no longer need to worry about that if you use WhatsApp MB. When the feature is active, no one else can pull messages from you.

11. Change theme with 3000 options

The original WhatsApp allows you to change the chat background as you wish. Unfortunately, the default version of the original theme is very limited.

But not with WA MB, the application provides about 3000 choices of themes with attractive colors and unique backgrounds. Surely it will make your WA look more pleasing to the eye.

All themes can be downloaded for free. With just one click, the theme will be installed automatically.

How to Download MB WhatsApp iOS and Android

After recognizing the features that this app has to offer, you might be looking forward to installing it and trying it out right away. Especially for those of you who are interested, please follow the easy MB WA installation tutorial without root below:

  1. Click the “Click to download” button from one of the tables above to download the APK file.
  2. Wait until the download is complete. Make sure to use a stable internet connection so that the download is not interrupted.
  3. Then, open the Settings menu. Scroll and tap the Security option.
  4. Locate and tick the Unknown sources option box to allow installation of third-party applications.
  5. Click the downloaded APK file by going to the Download menu in the File Manager.
  6. Select Install.
  7. Press Open when the installation is complete.
  8. Just follow the instructions from the application to register an account. A little note, the feature needs to be activated first in order to be enjoyed. The rest you are free to use the existing features.

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How to install MB WhatsApp APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MB WhatsApp APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.