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You need to know that what distinguishes Litmatch Mod Apk from the original is only the features. For the whole application is still the same and there are no other differences.

1. Unlimited Diamonds

The excellent feature that Litmatch Mod Apk has and is the strength of this application is the Unlimited Diamond feature. This is because, Diamond is the most important thing and a digital money item in this application. This is what makes many people download Litmatch Mod Apk.

So having an unlimited number of diamonds will benefit every Litmatch Mod user. With these unlimited diamonds, you can freely open every other user’s profile on Litmatch.

2. Direct VIP

Not only that, another excellent feature that is offered for free is the Unlocked VIP feature. It is certain that, you will be able to immediately become a VIP member. Without any requirements, without the need to subscribe or spend some money.

So, what many people are waiting for is, you can freely make video calls. Or make calls for free without limits or free. Of course, it’s very exciting where you can freely make calls according to your needs and interests.

3. No Ads

In general, if we use every Android & iOS application, it will display promotional advertisements. Then it’s different from Litmatch Mod Apk users. You will not experience this with lots of ads that disturb your comfort.

Because, the Litmatch Mod Apk system has been set, so it can block all types of Ads automatically. So with this system, you can feel comfortable. Which is much more comfortable when using the original version of the application and other dating applications.

4. Free

The advantage that provides a good offer for you is, you can access all the features for free. You can access all the available features as you like. No need to pay or subscribe with this app.

Unlike the original version, Litmatch Mod Apk will give you the freedom to access all the features available. You don’t have to worry about user fees or charges.

5. Meet New People

Litmatch is a social networking site that aims at user engagement. Namely giving you the opportunity to connect with individuals from all over the world.

If you have entered this application, you can freely choose whatever space you like. Then, the system will identify and place you in the existing connection queue.

In this case, certain visual information is present such as priority, expected waiting time, etc. Then it will be displayed on the screen to help users understand the situation that occurred.

Litmatch itself, in terms of connection duration between users, is fairly short, starting from 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on time. Not only that, you can also greatly reduce waiting times. Namely customizing existing popular services such as watching movies or talking.

The app can also maintain a solid network connection helping you ensure that your interactions are smooth and uninterrupted.

6. Create Avatars

When entering this application, you must enter your profile photo. Interestingly, your profile is kept private and only displayed to certain people. And for your profile photo, you can also make an avatar, the goal is to represent your personality.

7. Appears as An Anonymous User

Litmatch Mod Apk, provides features that can help you become an anonymous user. For those of you who might be a little shy about meeting new people, you can introduce yourself anonymously.

You can start a chat with a short conversation and give empathy to others. When you appear as an anonymous user, you will chat for 2 minutes. After this 2 minute mark is over, you can choose to say your real identity.

How do you know you match with that person, so add your friends. As a matchmaking application, you can also make it possible to get new acquaintances or become girlfriends.

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How to install Litmatch Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Litmatch Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.