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There are lots of advantages of Island King Mod Apk, you can get it by downloading this application. Of course some of the advantages and features are not owned by the original version.

Although in the original version you can exchange coins for real money, they are not completely free. You also need to buy coins and equipment needed using real money too.

Meanwhile, in the Island King Mod Apk application, spend a penny. Because all the features are provided for free.

1. Unlimited Coins

One of the missions in this game is to build an empty island. To build this island you will need some tools and buy them.

To buy the equipment you have to use coins. In the original version, these coins are not free and you have to buy them by topping up your balance. If not then you will not be able to build your island.

Very lucky in this modified version of the application, you can get unlimited coins. You also don’t need to top up your balance or buy these coins. Because the coin will never run out.

That way you won’t run out of money to buy the equipment you need. You can build the island you dream of for free.

2. Unlimited Spins

In the original version of the application, you are not free to play spins, you are given a limit to play those spins. Then if you want to get more opportunities, then you have to top up your balance or pay.

By spinning, you have the opportunity to win prize items that you need to build a house.

In the modified version of the application, you are free to spin whenever you want. You will not run out of opportunities or run out of balance to be able to spin.

There are lots of prizes that you can get through this spin. Starting from the need to build an island to coins that you can spend.

3. No Ads

Island King Mod Apk has been heavily modified by the developer of this modified application. One of the modifications made is to remove all the ads in it.

You no longer find ads that appear in the middle of the game. You can freely play until you feel bored.

Unlike the case with the original version of the game. The original version game has lots of ads in it. Ads that appear when you are building an island will definitely feel very, very annoying.

Gameplay Island King Mod Apk

Island King Mod Apk is basically a very simple game. To be able to better understand the game in the game, we will explain it through this article.

For most people, living on an island or visiting as a tourist is a lot of fun. When you live on an island, you will be able to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery.

But what if on the island you lose your possessions and your loved ones are kidnapped. You will definitely try various ways to find them again.

Your valuables and your family are taken by pirates to various islands like Zimbabwe, Spain and other islands. In this struggle, you must be able to attack the village that is suspected to be where the pirates live.

You can use the results of the attacks and robberies that you do to build your own island. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to bring back your family who was kidnapped by pirates.

To build this island you need trees and animals and some other equipment. You have to buy it using your loot or spin it.

The more loot, the more you will have a great opportunity to build the island. For that you need to go to countries with abundant resources such as Algeria, Spain, and Zimbabwe.

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1. Tap the downloaded Island King Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.