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When downloading an application, knowing the functions and features contained in it is a must in itself. Because, later these features and functions will be used and obtained by people who download the application.

So it must be ascertained first whether the features match the user’s needs or are completely unsuitable. Of course, what will be downloaded is the application with the features that best suit the needs of the users.

This is of course also experienced by people who want to download a modified version of Guzheng Master. They consider the unique features that will be obtained from this Guzheng master modification application.

For those of you who are also curious, here are some unique features of the modified version of Guzheng Master that you should know about.

1. There is a feature to open all chords and guides

When playing with a stringed instrument, of course knowing the chords is something that must be done. Because, without chords, stringed instruments will not produce beautiful melodic tones. Of course Guzheng is the same, to play it you have to know the chords.

If you use Guzheng Master Mod Apk, all the chords for playing Guzheng are already open. So you can use Guzheng to accompany any song.

Not only opening all the chords, if you use the Guzheng Master Mod Apk, the chord guide will also open. So you don’t have to worry about picking which string to sound a note in the guzheng.

2. All the songs in the application have been opened

To be able to play Guzheng well, of course you need a song that already has chords. Therefore, in both the original version of Guzheng Master and Guzheng Master Mod Apk, songs are provided with chord guides.

However, in the Guzheng Master Mod Apk, the number of songs offered is clearly far more than the original version. This is because in this modified version of Guzheng master, all the songs have been unlocked. There are no longer any songs that are locked and must be unlocked under various conditions.

In fact, in this modified version of Guzheng Master, songs that were previously in premium from the original version are also open. So you can also try playing songs that are on the premium list of the original Guzheng Master version.

Therefore, if you want to try playing the guzheng with many types of songs, you should try the modified version. Because in the modified version of Guzheng Master there are many choices of songs which are a shame if you miss them.

3. There is a feature to change Guzheng themes and backgrounds

In the Guzheng Master Mod Apk there is also a feature that can be used to change the theme and background of the guzheng. This certainly makes the appearance of your guzheng more beautiful and not monotonous anymore.

You can change the theme and background of the guzheng freely according to your wishes. There are lots of background images and themes that this Guzheng Master Mod Apk presents for its users.

Of course, all of these themes and backgrounds can be used freely and for free. This means that you don’t need to spend money to buy a theme that will be used in this modified version of Guzheng Master.

4. Free from all types of advertisements

Guzheng Master Mod Apk also has high appeal because this modified application is ad-free. You are unlikely to encounter various advertisements while concentrating on playing the guzheng when using the modified version.

This can happen because indeed from the beginning of its creation, the developer added a feature to block all types of ads. Of course, this is done to increase the comfort of the players when using this modified version of the Guzheng Master application.

There is a feature to block all ads in this modified version of Guzheng Master, which makes users more comfortable. Because, they will not be disturbed by advertisements that suddenly appear when they are playing guzheng in a foreign manner.

Therefore, if you want to play the guzheng musical instrument comfortably, try using the modified version of Guzheng Master. Guaranteed no one will bother you playing guzheng.

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