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Featured Features in GTA SA Lite Mod Apk

Previously, several features were mentioned that you will get if you play GTA SA Lite Mod Apk. But there’s something you need to know, that there are still many other features that you can use in this game. For that we will start discussing it.

For those of you who have difficulty understanding game text in English. So with this game you will be greatly helped. Because one of the features of this game is that it has an Indonesian language feature. For more complete features, just look at the row below.

1. There Are Many Exciting And Interesting Missions

When you start playing the GTA SA Lite Mod Apk game, you are required to complete the main mission, namely revenge. But to be able to complete the main mission you are required to complete various exciting missions with different levels of difficulty.

Therein lies the feature that makes this game so popular. Where there are many exciting and challenging missions for every player. So this game can be addicting and won’t make the players get bored quickly.

2. Play With a Bluetooth Gamepad

If you have trouble using the controls in the game. You can try one of these cool features. Where with this feature you can control all the controls in the game using a bluetooth gamepad.

Of course, the presence of this gamepad feature will help you when you start playing the game later. You can use all the features in this game to make you feel more comfortable and also add to the excitement of playing GTA SA Lite Mod Apk.

3. Very Light File Size for HP

One of the striking differences between this game and the original game is the file size. Where in this lite version of the GTA mod game you don’t need to prepare a large free storage space. Because the file size of this lite game is very small.

With this lite feature, you can install this game without worrying about burdening the performance of the smartphone you are using. Here you can also use a smartphone with specs from medium to low without worrying about lag in the game.

Even though the file size has been compressed so that it becomes the lite version. Here you don’t need to worry about the quality of the game. Because the superior features in the game will not be affected at all by the lightweight file size.

4. Use the Indonesian Language Feature

Dear those of you who always feel troubled by the English setting in the game. Here you will feel at ease. Because with this lite version of the GTA game you can use this feature to change the language setting to Indonesian.

So that when you complete the storyline, as well as the main mission and others. You can understand more and it will be easier for you to do everything that needs to be done to complete all the missions.

5. Use Multiple Vehicles

The next feature in GTA SA Lite is that there are many and varied vehicles that you can use. With these various vehicles you can go around the entire map of the city of San Andreas without getting bored while playing.

In the various houses that you buy, you will also find various collections of vehicles in the car garage. Guaranteed when you play later you will really like the many features of this vehicle.

6. High Game Image Quality

Even though as the name suggests, GTA Lite has a small size. You don’t need to be afraid of the view that will decrease. Because the developer of this cool game has made improvements to the display quality to become High Definition.

By making HD and clear images, of course you will be more comfortable with this game. You will also enjoy it more and not get bored easily because there are many beautiful sights that you can see.

7. Cloud Storage

The last feature is the cloud storage feature that you can also get in this GTA SA Lite Mod Apk game. Where this feature is a feature that has a function so you can save the game when you want to get out of the game.

By using this feature, you don’t need to fill up your memory with game save files. So that the memory and performance of your cellphone can increase. When you are going to play again later you can use the file so that the game state remains the same as the last time.

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