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Football Manager 2023 is a football management simulation that provides a realistic experience for its players. The following are some of the features that may be available in this game:

1. Player buying and selling

The first feature that you can find is the transfer market in this mod game. You can buy players from other clubs or sell your players that your team no longer needs.

This transfer market includes buying players and selling players in this game mod. This function is to overhaul the team squad that you choose in this Football Manager 2023 Mod Apk game.

That way, you can bring in your favorite players to join your team. These are of course star players in the world who have quality and quantity as players.

2. Can Recruitment

You can find and recruit talented young players from around the world for your team. Apart from doing the transfer market in this mod game. You will also be able to search for new seeds in this game.

These new seeds become hope for the future within your team. When which key players on your team have reached their maximum limit. You will put your hope in the young players who live in this oles.

Well, so you can experiment with the team you train in this game. You can be as creative as possible in finding players who have very good talent to play with.

3. There is practice in the game

You can organize your team’s training sessions to improve players’ abilities and develop team tactics. This exercise is very useful for improving the quality and overall quality of your players.

By increasing the quality of every player on your team. Then this will affect the overall overall for your team. That way, your team will become a very strong team, of course.

You can also access a lot of training menus in this mod game. And of course this exercise is completely open without anything being locked anymore in this mod version of the game.

It’s another thing if you use the original version. In the original version itself, you will not find all practice sessions that are open freely, which means that there are still some locked exercises.

4. Health Care

You can monitor the health condition of your players and provide the necessary care to keep them healthy and ready to play. This serves to see the fitness of every player on your team.

Of course, you have to monitor the fatigue level of your players and give them enough rest so they can play well in the next game.

If your player’s health drops from 100% then you can restore it using the help of items contained in this mod version of the game. This item is also an unlimited amount that you will have.

So you don’t need to be afraid anymore if each of your players will feel their health level is dropping. All you have to do is use health restore items for this player so you can play that player again.

5. Press conference

You will be faced with questions from the media and must answer correctly so as not to damage the reputation of your team. This is of course very realistic, right?

Because you will enter the press conference session and answer some of the questions that will be asked in this game. You can choose various kinds of answers contained in this mod version of the game.

Each answer you choose will of course determine the character traits of the manager. So be smart in choosing answers in this mod version of the game at the press conference inside.

6. There are various stadiums

You can upgrade your team’s stadium by adding capacity or new facilities to increase revenue. In this game mod, the stadium is presented in full, of course.

So you will be able to choose every existing stadium for the team that you will train later.

7. Transfer windows

Don’t forget that in this mod apk version you can also do a transfer window. You have to negotiate with other teams to buy or sell players during the transfer window.

Every player you are after will negotiate with the team regarding that player. If you offer the right price, then maybe your offer will be accepted by the club.

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