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Dungeon Chronicle is an Action RPG game that is worth trying. This Action RPG genre game has similar gameplay, like Diablo and Torchlight.

Like RPG games in general, you will explore dungeons filled with strong monsters to get prizes, such as equipment and money.

You can improve the quality and ability of these equipment using money and gems. However, the cost of upgrading equipment certainly does not depend on the quality of the equipment.

The higher the quality level of the equipment, the more money and gems you need to spend. Well, that’s why this Dungeon Chronicle has a modified version.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the problem of upgrading the quality of your equipment, because there are unlimited money and unlimited gems features.

You can only get these excellent features, only if you install the modified version of the Dungeon Chronicle game. Apart from that, you will also get other excellent features which will be explained later, take a good look at this Samudranesia article.

1. Attractive Gameplay

This Dungeon Chronicle Mod Apk game has a variety of interesting features that you can enjoy, one of which is the interesting gameplay. You as a player will control a character to explore dungeons.

The dungeon contains monsters that will bother you along the way. You can defeat these monsters using ordinary attacks, even using the special abilities that your character has.

In the world of Action RPG these special abilities are usually called Active Skills and Passive Skills. These special abilities are divided into 2 (two) categories, namely offensive and defensive.

Skills in the offensive category usually have the effect of increasing attack power, while defensive skills usually have the effect of increasing defense.

Interesting right? You can try it right away by downloading and installing the Dungeon Chronicle Mod Apk game in this Samudranesia article.

2.Unlimited Gems

The next excellent feature that you get for the modified version is Unlimited Gems (unlimited gems). Gems in the Dungeon Chronicle game are the most valuable currency.

How come? You can use these gems to buy premium high-quality equipment, even costumes for your characters.

In addition, you can upgrade your equipment instantly without waiting. This makes gems a valuable currency, at least in this Dungeon Chronicle game.

With the unlimited gems feature, you no longer need to bother looking for gems in this Dungeon Chronicle Mod Apk game.

3. Unlimited Money

Apart from unlimited gems, you will also get superior features such as Unlimited Money. Coins in the game are a valuable currency after gems.

Although not as valuable as gems, you can also use these coins to buy and upgrade your equipment.

Unlike gems, coins are easier to get in the Dungeon Chronicle game. That’s why Free to Play players often use these coins to improve the quality and effect of equipment.

Well, now you don’t need to worry anymore because the modified Dungeon Chronicle game has this feature.

You only need to download and install the Dungeon Chronicle Mod Apk in this article to be able to enjoy these features.

4. No Ads

Who doesn’t get annoyed by ads that suddenly appear out of nowhere? Advertising services are used by some developers to increase their income from making games or applications.

In some games, you can actually temporarily disable the “service” by turning off your cellphone’s internet service.

However, in some games the ad service can still appear even though you have turned off the internet service on your cellphone. So, don’t worry because this Dungeon Chronicle Apk has an ad-free feature installed so you can freely enjoy the game.

5. Free No Need to Pay

With this modified Dungeon Chronicle Mod Apk game, you don’t need to worry. This Action RPG genre game is free and you can download it on the internet, both the modified version and the original version.

Actually, the original version of the Dungeon Chronicle game is already available on the App Store and Google Play Store. However, for a modified version of Dungeon Chronicle you can only search for it on the internet, one of which is in this Samudranesia article.

6. Anti bans

This modified version of the Dungeon Chronicle Apk game is safe for you to install. The modified version will not get your account or phone banned. So, you can immediately play the game without interruptions and other obstacles.

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