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Dumpster is a mobile app that helps Android users protect their storage by backing up all the files they delete. This way, users can always restore and recover any files that may have been deleted.

This application has a simple interface that makes it easy for you to recover lost files and applications quickly. Even the tech layman can easily use the Dumpster app.

All files in the Dumpster app are stored online and not on mobile devices. So if something happens like you lose your cellphone or your cellphone suddenly turns off completely, you don’t need to worry about losing files. The Dumpster app can help you get them back.

You can also use this application easily without having to access it online. You can even easily access this application via the lock screen widget. Apart from that, the modified Dumpster application also provides many interesting themes to decorate this application.

Dumpster Mod Apk Features

The “Recycle Bin” feature on a PC allows you to delete data, pictures, videos, and other files. The Recycle Bin can even help you recover any deleted files and data. If you want to restore deleted files, you only need to click Restore Files.

What happens if you accidentally delete important photos or videos on your phone? You can never get those important files back. Unless your cellphone already has an application with similar features such as the Recycle Bin on a PC.

Then, do you need an application like the Recycle Bin on your cellphone that you use every day? If so, then you can get it by downloading the modified Dumpster application. The following are the features of this modified application.

1. User Friendly Display

Dumpster Mod Apk has an intuitive UI with very accessible features. The highlight of this app is its user-friendly interface which is perfect for all Android users.

The appearance of this application is not much different from managing folders like on a PC. Minimalist layout, easy-to-see text, and nice contrasting colors.

After opening the app, you can immediately explore the menu. As well as activating important features to protect your important files and data.

2. Back Up All Important Data On Your Device

With the modified Dumpster application, you can regularly protect your important files. This application can back up your files automatically. So you won’t lose anything important if you accidentally delete something.

The Dumpster app works with all file types, even application data. That said, this application can completely protect your files in the best way.

3. Recover Your Files And Data Easily

If you delete something important, you can restore it using the modified Dumpster application. This application gives you the option to restore files to the same place they were before they were deleted.

If it’s not in the original folder, then it’s possible that this app put it back in the Junk folder. This application will quickly try to recover files of any size.

4. Protect Your Data With an Access Code

Dumpster Mod Apk also has a lock screen feature. This feature will protect your cellphone safely. If you already use the Dumpster app and someone wants to delete files on your phone, you don’t need to worry.

Apart from you, no one will be able to open the Dumpster app screen to view deleted files. This access code feature is very unique. If you have a situation where your cellphone can be opened by someone else, your mind will be calmer by using this application.

The Dumpster access code consists of 4 digits which can only be accessed by you to open this application directly. Only you can choose to restore deleted files or restore them.

5. Work With Online Storage

Dumpster will let you back up important files to cloud, online storage and not device storage. So, you don’t have to worry about losing the file if you accidentally delete it from your Android device.

6. Easy to Work With Lock Screen Widget

Dumpster allows you to easily access app features without having to turn on your smartphone. You can make instant settings on the widget on the lock screen. Furthermore, you can enjoy this application which will work as usual.

7. Beautiful Choice Of Themes And Designs

Dumpster Mod Apk has many beautiful themes that you can use to customize the appearance of your trash can. You can browse them and choose the one that you like.

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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.