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The Dragon Ball series is one of the most loved anime of all time. Various products and content have been created from here, ranging from freelance films, anime series, games on various platforms, to various merchandise. This shows how popular Dragon Ball is.

If you want to play a Dragon Ball character and then become the greatest fighter against other players from around the world, you must download Dragon Ball Legends. You will enter the fierce battle saga of your favorite characters.

An action game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play. Please provide 115MB of storage space to download it. To play this game your Android operating system must be 6.0 and above.

The standard version of Dragon Ball Legends from the Play Store contains ads and a number of in-game purchases. You can download the modified version, Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK 2022 to get a number of advantages that are not in the original game.

This is an action-packed card-based action game. Here your character will fight according to orders on the cards you place on the screen. Enjoy a cool card game where you have to collect various power-ups and special moves. Then use them all in epic battles!

What is Dragon Ball Legends?

With the various character cards, power-ups, and special moves you collect, you’ll use them to make your Dragon Ball heroes fight and blast each other with long-range energy attacks.

You will start by training at the Turtle College and increase your Ki until you are fully prepared to face strong enemies. Once you’re ready, you’ll be thrown into the real action.

There will be so many formidable enemies and with more complex battles than your simple training. Constantly training and strengthening yourself with various power-ups and deadly moves, is the key to becoming an epic fighter.

How to Play Dragon Ball Legends?

When you play the standard game from Google Play or the modified Dragon Ball Legends Mod Chrono Crystals, the gameplay is exactly the same. Because you do play the same game, it’s just that the mod version has several advantages that are not in the original.

To become a master in the game Dragon Ball Legends, you must understand the following tips to make it easier for you in the game. Level up your character and collect Dragon Balls. But make sure you master these important basics:

Learn the combat system

Just tapping here and there, on the various attack and defense buttons provided is tantamount to gambling. You don’t know what you’re really doing. It might work for a less powerful opponent, but it would soon fail against a formidable foe.

As a card-based game, the way of fighting here is a little different and it will be worth it if you take the time to master the existing combat system. For example, the most effective way to attack, how to dodge attacks, and also withstand attacks.

For that you can follow the tutorial provided or take part in some practice battles before starting your adventure.

Send some team members on an adventure

Speaking of adventure, you can mobilize some of your team members to collect rare gifts that can help you in completing missions. You can do this as often as you like, which means you can’t use the team members that are currently assigned.

Consider not sending core members, just deploy those who are not too strong so that your strength doesn’t drop too much when facing a fight.


Collect dragon balls from all over

Some of the cards in this game have dragon balls. This is an advantageous feature and you should use it to your advantage. Once you collect all the cards that have dragon ball in them, you can defeat your enemies easily with Rising Rush.

This move will make all available team members attack once and deal maximum damage to the enemy. You won’t automatically win, but it will bring you closer to victory.

Use your character’s special abilities

Throughout the fight, you’ll find that your character’s energy bar will gradually increase. When it’s full you’ll be able to unleash deadly attacks to change the course of the fight instantly. Touch the button when your energy bar is full!

Follow the story

So that you can continue to make progress, you must focus on the storyline in the game. Story mode is not about Goku, but Shallot.

You will help him regain his memory and discover who he really is in this game.

Don’t get hung up on familiar characters

The hero class contains a number of characters that you will know well if you follow the series. But they don’t need to be held on for too long if you want to move on. There will be many characters that are much stronger than the old faces.

Keunggulan Dragon Ball Mod APK Unlimited Crystals

If you decide to download the modified version, you will get a number of advantages that are not available in the standard game. Here are the excellent features of the modified version:

  • Custom Mod Menu
  • Finish off the enemy with one hit
  • Mode God
  • All challenges completed
  • Win instantly

Note that you must not activate MOD while playing the tutorial.

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How to install Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.