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Each application certainly has its own features to attract users to use its services. Likewise with this video chat application.

With so many applications available to expand your network of friends and even dating apps, of course this Chatruletka application has its own value so that it can be seen in the eyes of users through its features which will be reviewed below.

1. Can Be Anonymous

When chatting or video chatting with strangers, you can still interact with them without having to provide your identity data. You can keep your identity anonymous without ending the chat.

Your identity will be maintained unless you yourself want to share your personal data with other users or provide a self-description on your profile.

2. Able to Chat Via Text

Apart from being able to interact via video, you can also interact via text messages or chat, the options for which are in the application. You can also set the size of the chat box according to what you want.

This feature is certainly very helpful for those of you who may not be able to make video calls. This chat service is also available 24 hours a day.

3. There is a Skip Option

One of the features that you can get from Chatruletka Mod Apk is the Skip feature which of course will make it very easy and help you in using this application.

If you have interacted with a user but feel unsuited and cannot continue the conversation, you can use this skip or skip feature to find new friends again.

4. Choosing Friends From Abroad

As mentioned above, Chatruletka Mod Apk is able to choose friends randomly but come from abroad without having to use a VPN.

You can find new friends from various countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and so on. Of course this will be very fun for those of you who like to add friends.

Advantages of Chatruletka Mod Apk with the Official Version

1. Data is Privacy Safe

In using this video chat application, your personal data is guaranteed to be safe. No one can find out things that are private about you if you don’t allow it.

Your status in using this application when interacting with other users can also be set to remain anonymous if you wish.

The data that you provide to the application will also be protected by the moderator and if anyone wants to hack it, action will be taken immediately.

2. No Ads

The existence of an advertisement when you are using an application will certainly be very annoying and make you feel annoyed.

Moreover, if the duration of the ad is more than a few seconds which of course hinders you from using the services of an application.

But that won’t happen if you use this video chat application. By downloading Chatruletka, you can be free from all kinds of advertisements and their durations and keep you able to use the service without any obstacles or interruptions.

3. Unpaid

Buying something in an application so that you can use certain features is definitely a very common thing in an application. Especially if there are premium features such as coins or money.

However, if you download Chatruletka, you will be able to use all of its services and features for free without having to buy anything or make any type of payment in the application.

4. Can Send Complaints

When using a video chat type application like this, of course there will be a number of things that may not match your expectations.

However, this can be overcome if you download Chatruletka with a modified version. If you feel uncomfortable or feel that other users you interact with have exceeded your limits.

Like saying bad things, harassing, or saying things that are offensive. You can report your complaint to the moderator or report the user. This of course will be very helpful for your comfort in using this Chatruletka.

5. Available 24 Hours

If you use the Chatruletka Mod Apk service, you can enjoy the service whenever you want. This is because this service is active 24 hours a day.

You can make video calls or just plain text messages with other users at any time you can.

In addition, this service, which is available 24 hours, will really help you if you want to complain about something to the moderator so they will take action immediately.

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1. Tap the downloaded Chatruletka Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.