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Playing games and getting to know the country’s natural wealth is indeed very exciting. You can do this by playing one of the games made by local children known as Bus Simulator Indonesia, or the BUSSID mod apk.

Interestingly, there is a modified version, where there are additional features that are not obtained from the official version. The modified version is called the BUSSID mod Apk which is currently our main topic.

For the official version, you can directly get the application through the Playstore. The total downloads in the Google store indicate that this game application has a lot of demand.

Moreover, from the number of more than 50 million users, most of them gave a good rating, an average of 4.4 stars.

The number of users is none other than because the features provided are quite complete. Not only driving the given task, but also being able to modify your own vehicle as you wish.

In addition, the gameplay is easy to understand with clear menus and controls. Interestingly, you can get around from one location to another which is the original map from the country of Indonesia.

Plants, mountains and other landscapes characterize this simulation game developed by Maleo. Unfortunately, to get all these features, you are required to buy them in the application.

This is what makes some users do not want to spend money. The solution is to use the BUSSID modified game application.

If you already know what the bus simulation game is, it’s certainly not difficult to know more about the modified version. It says modified means that the inside has been changed.


Some of the features that should be obtained by buying it, you can get for free. This is the main advantage of the BUSSID Mod Apk, also the reason why many are looking for it.

The graphics are good with 3D exactly the same as the original bus. The scenery is also the same, trees and plants around the road accompany every trip.

It becomes more interesting when you take passengers towards the destination equipped with other vehicles on the highway.

Traffic jams, red lights, and parking are a challenge. This game is very exciting, even liked by everyone.

There are two main modes that you can use to play the BUSSID Mod Apk game. The first mode is known as ‘Pull’, where you have to play using an internet connection.

The main mission is to get as many passengers as possible and take them to their destination.

The second mode is actually better, you can play without using the internet. This mode is known as ‘Nglayap’, if translated into Indonesian means wandering.

Advantages of BUSSID Mode

It’s time to discuss the features and advantages of the BUSSID Mod Apk, where you won’t get one or two, but a lot of advantages.

The advantages in question are that you can get the official version, some you can’t get. For more details, please refer to the following explanation

Unlimited Money

Every time you carry out a mission and succeed, you will get money that can be used for bus upgrades and other purposes.

This does not need to be done when you use the BUSSID Mod Apk, where the unlimited money feature is already available. You can buy anything you need without running out of money. Interesting right?

Horn Options

You can get various horns, including the one that went viral some time ago, namely ‘Telolet’.

You can adjust other options according to your needs and desires. Best of all, you can get them all for free, without having to buy them in the app.

No Ads

Using games that are obtained for free from the Playstore cannot be separated from the name advertisements, as well as when using BUSSID.

Fortunately, the latest BUSSID mod apk has removed these ads, so you won’t be bothered by their sudden appearance and ruining the playing atmosphere.

Easy Control

This feature can actually also be obtained from the official version. Every control provided is very easy to understand, even when you are new to using it.

It’s more interesting when there is a tutorial at the beginning of the game, so it’s definitely not difficult to learn.

Complete Vehicle

Actually, it’s not only buses that you can drive when playing it, there are also trucks and other large vehicles.

That way, you can choose the mission as you wish, whether you want to deliver passengers, or deliver goods to their destination.

Custom Design

For those who are creative at heart, this feature is certainly very useful. Its main function is to make modifications to the state used.

You can change the bus sticker, tires, and all the body as you wish. The BUSSID mod apk android has this feature embedded, so you can use it to hone creativity.

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How to install BUSSID Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BUSSID Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.