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Bitlife Mod Apk is a life simulation game which allows users to determine their own life story and destiny, such as being rich, living happily, good people, bad people and others.

You can do all of the above conditions and occur in this game. In addition, you can also become the main character and have the power of a god which no one else can match. In this game you can do whatever you want.

This game does not stop there, this game has a game which can compose an interactive story that can unite simulation with real life. That way you will think as if you are living real life, even if it is only based on illusion.

If you want to try and enjoy the gameplay of this game, please refer to all the reviews in this article, because below we will provide a download link and the features in it.

About Bitlife Mod Apk

Bitlife Mod Apk is a simulation game that has a gameplay about life choices that exist in the real world. We as humans will certainly feel fear when we all make the wrong decisions in this life.

And even we will get into trouble every day, when we can’t choose a good life. But when you play this Bitlife game then all the things you fear will not happen again. Because in this game all players will choose and make a decision whether it is wrong or right

In addition, this Bitlife game has been released by Candy Retter LCC which has provided various features that can help you in real life. Moreover, this game has been modified from the official version. Of course this game will be more fun than in the original version.

And it’s possible that in this modified version you can easily choose a better life, because in this version it has provided various premium features, which you can only get when you buy it first.

Difference between Bitlife Modified Version and Original Version

As long as you need to know that in this game there is a very extraordinary difference, where in this difference you can choose which one you want to play and even with this difference some people choose the modified version, because it has very far advantages than the original version.

What are the differences in these two versions? let’s see together this article to the end, so you can find out more about the gameplay of this game.

Modified Version Original Version
Free premium feature Has paid premium features
Ad-Free Are you still advertising
Good fashion for free God paid mod
Simple view Pretty hard look

Bitlife Mod Apk Features

As in the general game, every modified game will be provided with various premium features which you will not be able to get in the usual version. This life simulation game also has features that will help you live life in this game.

Are you increasingly curious about what premium features are in this game, of course, this feature is different from other games. Please just see all the features in the discussion below.

1. Looking for a Mate

Of course this game is the same as in real life, where when you want to have offspring you have to find and find a mate first.

But the difference from real life and games is where in the game you can get it easily because it has a matchmaking feature, so you can easily find your soul mate and marry the character of your choice to get you with him.

2. Interesting Gameplay

This feature is almost the same as the above features, because this game has similarities in real life, where you cannot determine your own destiny. However, you can choose the flow of the game in making all the decisions that can affect your life.

3. Feature Mod

Where when you use the original version and want to get a god’s power, of course you can’t get it for free. Where you have to make a purchase or spend about 42 thousand or 3 dollars.

Now when you buy it, then you can get god-like powers, where you can do everything as you wish. That way you can determine the appearance of your character, family, mate and others. However, this has a limit of 14 days.

However, when you use the modified version, you don’t need to buy it, because you can get it for free. That way you can play freely by enjoying sharing features such as God Mode, VIP Features, Ad-Free, Unlimited Money, and others.

More Features

Although the features above are more interesting and can attract everyone, there are still features that are almost the same as the features above, but you can enjoy this feature in the usual version, and below are other features that you can use.

  • Health (Health)
  • Happiness (Happiness)
  • Appearance (Look)
  • Intelligence (Intelligence)
  • Simple View
  • DLL

Risks and Dangers of using Bitlife Mod Apk

Before you decide to download and enjoy all the features in this game, you should first understand what are the risks that you will experience when playing it. As follows, this is the risk you will get.

  • Personal data hack
  • It will be detrimental to the official deployer
  • Have Viruses and Malware
  • Breaking the cellphone
  • Account will be permanently banned
  • DLL

Link Download Bitlife Mod Apk

So, are you more curious to play the Bitlife Mod Apk game and enjoy its features? If so, you can directly download it via the table and link below.

Nama Game Bitlife Mod Apk
New version 3.1.1
Operating system Android 5.0 +
File Size 128 MB
Developer Candy Retter LCC
Released 23 April 2022

How to Install Bitlife Mod Apk

After you download this game, please just install it right away, because this game is not listed on the official website, or made by a third party so it is not equipped with an automatic install feature. Well, just for those of you who don’t understand how to install it, you can see the tips below.

  • First, when you have the original version, please delete it first
  • Because when you haven’t deleted it, you won’t be able to download the modified version
  • Then please click the link above so you can enjoy and try Bitlife Mod Apk
  • Then please enter the cellphone settings
  • After that click security and privacy>>>click unknown sources option
  • If you have activated it, please enter the file manager so that you can install it
  • Finally, please look for the Bitlife Mod Apk file in the download folder in the file manager
  • Good luck trying it

The final word

Maybe this is where our discussion about Bitlife Mod Apk can make you determine the storyline of life like in the real world. Even though it’s just an illusion, the gameplay is very fun so we guarantee that with this game your life will be more meaningful.

Download links

How to install Bitlife Mod Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bitlife Mod Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.